What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a holistic approach to physical rehabilitation and pain control. It can also improve mobility and strength of joints and muscles in musculoskeletal disorders. But physiotherapy treatment is not limited to musculoskeletal conditions. Physiotherapists are also trained to provide treatment for neurologic and respiratory conditions in both children and adults. Experience the best physiotherapy in Richmond Hill and Markham.

List of Diseases Treated by Physical Therapy

Discover pain relief, athletic recovery, and rehabilitation with the help of our experienced physiotherapists in Richmond Hill. The physiotherapists at Yonge Rehab will create a unique rehab program that helps you optimize
physical function and prevent injuries. Some of the conditions that could benefit from physiotherapy


* Lymphedema 

* Sports Injuries 

* Muscular Dystrophy 

* Back and Neck Pain .

* Limited Range of Motion (ROM) 

* Osteoporosis 

* Vertigo 

* Headaches 

* Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 

* Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 

* Respiratory Issues 

* Burns 

* Joint Replacement 

* Ankle Sprain

* Parkinson’s Disease 

* Foot Fracture 

* Huntington’s Disease 

* Knee Ligament Injury 

* Pelvic Floor Dysfunction 

* Cancer 

Understanding Physiotherapy Techniques

Physiotherapy offers a wide range of techniques. These range from manual treatments such as joint and soft tissue mobilization to exercise programs and postural retraining. Physiotherapists also provide electrotherapy treatments including laser, ultrasound, interferential (IFC) and muscle stimulation.

  • Manual Therapy    

    Physiotherapists use their hands to manipulate body tissues, relieving pain, improving circulation, and reducing tension in specific areas.

  • Education

    In addition to hands-on treatment, physiotherapists are valuable sources of education and advice. They can provide expert insights into exercise, diet, and posture, offering tips that can be applied to daily activities.

  • Movement

    Physiotherapists often prescribe exercises designed to enhance mobility and function. These exercises can strengthen the affected body part, improve biomechanics, and help you safely return to your usual level of physical activity.

When Should I See A Physiotherapist?

You should see a physiotherapist if you: 1) injured yourself, 2) are experiencing pain for 2 weeks or more, or 3) your pain prevents you from moving.

What is the difference between Chiro and Physio?

Chiro and Physio are similar in the sense that they both treat joints and musculoskeletal conditions to improve mobility and strength. However, chiropractors can provide spinal adjustments to treat issues related to the spine in addition to utilizing manual therapy and physical therapy modalities to treat the underlying issues.


Maryam Azerang Esfandiari

Maryam Azerang Esfandiari is a distinguished physiotherapist who bringing over 18 years of expertise to her practice. She is an outstanding member of College of Physiotherapists of Ontario, she excels in delivering comprehensive care across chronic and acute orthopedics & rheumatology conditions.


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