What is eClaims?

Your healthcare professional bills the insurance company directly and the paperwork is taken care of for you, just like when you go to the pharmacy or the dentist.

What You Need to Bring


1. Your Benefit Card or your Insurance Card (Your ID # / Policy # )

2. If you were referred by a physician and whether your policy requires the Doctor referral, if yes, we need it for first time to setup or annually update)

3.A valid credit card to keep on file

4.If you have Secondary Coverage from a spouse / parent (however we can not coordinating for direct billing unless both sides of coverage from Canada Life)

5.The date of your accident / your current injuries(if MVA)



We bill your plan during every visit to our office so please ensure to take a copy of your submission upon leaving.

You are still eligible for direct billing! We are able to bill the allowed percentage of your treatment online. Please note that the remainder of your balance must be settled up at the end of your visit.

If your direct billing claim is denied, we ask that your account balance is paid at the end of your visit. The front desk staff will let you know if your claim was denied before you leave.